Atlanta, Georgia

Jordan Brower began his music career as an acoustic guitar wielding singer-songwriter with a soulful R&B feel. Through branching out into work as a session musician, engineering assistant and songwriter for other acts, Brower naturally began to shape into a noticeably multifaceted talent. As a student at the University of Georgia, he began to drive his creativity into his artistry and self-production, with his evident skills for songwriting and vocal engineering bringing him to collaborate with various local rappers and singers in the roles of artist, producer, and creative director simultaneously. Now building up a team centered around an aura of creation, authenticity, and excellence, Brower is sure to be a stand-out as he makes his emergence into the music industry.


His sound offers a Weeknd vibe with Drake and Ed Sheeran overtones, while his live performance experience includes acts such as Judah & the Lion and Hunter Hayes. Experimenting deep into the realms of Hip-Hop and Soul, Jordan's production style ranges anywhere from dreamy, calm rap beats to modern trap hits with a tendency towards dark and ominous atmospheres. Following multiple production credits, a self-organized concert experience, and two self-released singles in 2018, Brower enters the new year with plans for an early-2019 EP release and expectations for more high quality content and performances to come.